i2e1 helps your guests connect to your hotel WiFi faster, manage speeds & quotas
for a consistent experience and conform to legal requirements for WiFi delivery.

1. Guest Connects to Hotel WiFi


2. Fills in Basic Details


3. Starts Surfing the Web


RS. 14999 +

tax per year - upto 35 Rooms

RS. 19999 +

tax per year - upto 65 Rooms

RS. 24999 +

tax per year - 65 + Rooms

  • Includes Hardware Controller
  • Includes Software
  • Includes Support & Assistance
  • Includes Installation & Setup
  • Excludes Visit Charges


i2e1 provides a hardware & software layer on top of your existing internet service providers set-up to deliver a more seamless WiFi experience to your hotel guests.

With our partnership with i2e1, you not only get a great discount on this must-have service, but the DJUBO fusion integration completely automates the WiFi distribution to your guests. No more handing out paper slips with WiFi password, no more WiFi pilferage, and no more sketchy connectivity for guests.


WiFi access is one of the most sought after amenities in a hotel, with 7 out of 10 travelers claiming that free WiFi is more important to them, when selecting a hotel, than complimentary breakfast, hotel’s location & parking availability.

But simply having WiFi is not the end of the story. Travelers want a seamless connectivity experience.  i2e1 & DJUBO help your guests connect to the internet right at check-in, prevent unauthorized use of the internet, ensure equal bandwidth distribution for consistent web-surfing experience, and more, all the while helping your hotel be compliant with often neglected Government guidelines on public internet distribution.


RS. 14999 +

tax per year - upto 35 Rooms

RS. 19999 +

tax per year - upto 65 Rooms

RS. 24999 +

tax per year - 65 + Rooms

  • Includes Hardware Controller
  • Includes Software
  • Includes Support & Assistance
  • Includes Installation & Setup
  • Excludes Visit Charges


 i2e1 hardware connects to your existing Internet Service Provider’s modem and is a plug-n-play installation. Once connected, any changes can be made remotely by the i2e1 team.



i2e1 captures all information that is mandated by the Government for public internet/WiFi usage, ensuring that your WiFi distribution is accompanied with complete compliance.



Guest WiFi becomes a simple task of just connecting to your hotel WiFi, entering their room number & last name on the login screen to instantly connect to the internet, valid as long as they stay.



One user consuming all the bandwidth, such as using torrents, is likely to create a bad WiFi experience for all other users, which i2e1 helps prevent with speed & download restrictions.


Prevent the misuse of the WiFi facilities by staff or by non-resident guests with dynamically generated login details for guests at check-in which expire at the time of check-out.


Since your WiFi distribution now follows TRAI guidelines, your hotel stays protected in any issues pertaining to illegal usage. Moreover, you can blacklist access to inappropriate websites using i2e1 software.


Most service issues can be resolved remotely by the i2e1 team, which ensures that any disruptions are resolved quickly.



I already have Wi-Fi, why do I need this new system?

Your new i2e1 controller comes with multiple benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Your current infrastructure does not have the capability to equally divide the internet amongst different users. Nor can it block your staff from misusing it. You are dependent on sharing Wi-Fi password which results in heavy misuse. With your new i2e1 controller, you can allocate data limit to your users and can also control misuse by your staff members easily. The network becomes easily manageable and servicing and maintenance can be done very quickly and even remotely.
  • You get better user experience, reduced unnecessary loss of data and bandwidth and hence lower costs.
  • Even at the end of the month, guests get good internet data and speed because you have been able to smartly allocate it and avoid misuse. Happy guests rate you higher.
  • Your network becomes legally compliant and the risk to your brand image due to illegal cyber activities goes down.

How does a guest access the network?

It is very simple. The guest connects to the Wi-Fi signal and is automatically redirected to the login page where he/she is asked to enter his/her Room number and Full Name as per Booking Voucher. Our system is integrated with the DJUBO Property Management System and therefore only allows access to people with correct credentials.
In case you are not redirected automatically, then type and you will be redirected. If you still face issues, call us at +91- 88803 22222.

How soon can the i2e1 device failure issues be resolved?

i2e1 device is remotely manageable and hence the resolution time is significantly lower than other service providers. On-call support is available on +91- 88803 22222 during all working hours. A basic troubleshooting guide is provided at the time of installation to help resolve minor issues instantly. In case a personal visit is required to resolve any specific issue, you can expect i2e1 site engineer to turn around at the earliest.

What will happen to my existing infrastructure?

Your existing infrastructure/network will mostly remain as it is. i2e1 device is configured remotely and installation is mostly plug and play.

What happens to the data stored at i2e1 server and for how long the data is available?

Your data is safely kept at our servers for 1 year in online mode. You also have access to the data of all your guests through i2e1’s web portal. Your guest information is completely secured and is not shared with any third party.

Do you even provide internet connection?

No, we do not. We are ISP agnostic! We give you the flexibility to choose any ISP

Changing the settings frequently with accordance to the customer needs is quite taxing!

Not really! We offer the simplest yet highly efficient interface to customize the settings on the go so it wouldn’t be taxing at all.

What functionalities does the new system provide?

Your new system comes with loads of features which you can avail through our admin portal by login in at

Some of the key features include:

  • Your i2e1 controller comes with automatic integration with your DJUBO Property Management system. You do not have to rely on your staff for sharing the internet with your guests.
  • This means that there is automatic authentication of users through guest’s details combining room number and surname. Guest connects to Wi-Fi and is transferred to a page where he/she is asked for his/her room number and surname.
  • You can easily put data usage limit, time limits, and improve download vs upload ratio.You can easily put your hotel logo during the Wi-Fi login process.
  • You can easily put your hotel logo during the Wi-Fi login process.You get automated failure Alerts and on-call troubleshooting support.
  • You get automated failure Alerts and on-call troubleshooting support.You can also send greetings and other communication to guests as and when needed through our integrated.
  • You can also send greetings and other communication to guests as and when needed through our integrated SMS feature.
  • You get all these and many other features using a simple Android app to control and manage your property’s internet anytime, anywhere.

What happens to the data stored at i2e1 server?

Storing guest information is mandated by government itself to ensure legal compliance. However, i2e1 guarantees the security and privacy of the guest information stored at its server. Our servers are maintained by Microsoft, the top most technology company in the world.

How long does it take for installation? Will I face any challenges during installation?

Installation is very quick and simple so not much time required for the same. However, to provide good quality service and better user experience, i2e1 conducts 2-3 days regular testing and assessment after installation.

Who will take care of the maintenance and service?

i2e1 maintains and does a periodic health check of i2e1 devices. Our annual subscription fee includes the maintenance and services charges for 1 year. If the device fails due to any software or hardware issue, we replace it free of cost. However, it is expected that the device is operated under the normal condition and kept in a safe environment. For example, a device failure due to water entering the device is not covered.

If someone is trying to connect from the outside how can you avoid it?

Since our system is integrated with your DJUBO Property Management System, no unauthorized user can enter it.

Terms of Service

The Location Partner shall comply with the following installation, commissioning, operational and maintenance services requirements:

1.1 Ensure availability of high speed, a broadband connection from a recognized Internet Service Provider, with a minimum bandwidth as recommended by the technical team of i2e1.
1.2 Have adequate safety and security mechanisms in place to provide protection for i2e1 Property
1.3 Location Partner shall allow i2e1 to remove i2e1 Property from the Location, on completion/ termination of this contract.
1.4 Location Partner shall not relocate i2e1’s property without i2e1’s permission.

Responsibilities of i2e1

1.5 i2e1 will install, commission and maintain the Infrastructure which may include technical support and periodic maintenance of Access Point, equipment, devices, and Infrastructure as may be required.
1.6 i2e1 will provide the necessary service so that any Location becomes compliant with telecom regulations regarding identity check of all users accessing internet through the site’s connection, by way of tagging each user to an authenticated mobile number
1.7 As part of its standard service, i2e1 will maintain all user logs to the extent permitted by our “User Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” for a period of 6 months on its server and will provide the logs to the Location Partner on a hard drive after completion of 6 months.

1.8 This Agreement shall become effective upon execution and receipt of invoiced amount by i2e1, and remain in effect for a period of 12 months (1 year) starting from Effective date
1.9 Either Party is entitled to terminate this Agreement without assigning any cause and by giving 90 days’ written notice to the other Party
1.10 The Parties will keep in confidence from the date of the Agreement and until 3 years from the earlier of the date of termination or completion of the Agreement any Confidential Information obtained under the Agreement and will not, without the written consent of the other Party. The Parties will use Confidential Information obtained under this Agreement only for the purposes of this Agreement.
1.11 i2e1 will not share individual user information like Phone number with any third party for marketing purposes.
1.12 The obligations set out in clause 1.10 and 1.12 shall not apply to information which: (a) has been published other than through a breach of this Agreement; (b) is lawfully in the possession of the recipient before the disclosure under this Agreement took place; (c) has been obtained from a third party who is free to disclose it, or (d) which a Party is required to disclose by law or for the purposes of a regulatory authority.
1.13 Notwithstanding anything stated herein, neither Party shall be liable to the other for any indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profit or business) howsoever arising, whether under contract tort or otherwise, even if advised about the possibility of the same. However, Direct Losses shall be recoverable under this Agreement.
1.14 i2e1 shall in no event be responsible to the Location Partner or the Subscriber for the deficiency in data transmission
1.15 Neither Party shall use in any way or apply similar nor deceptively similar Intellectual Property Rights of the other Party, either on or in connection with this Contract, without the prior written consent of the other Party.
1.16 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Each Party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Delhi, India over any dispute, controversy or claim arising under or in connection with this Contract.

Installation Process

Received your i2e1 router & hardware? Follow these steps to get it up & running in just 5 minutes.

Post-installation Support

Having Technical Issues? Get in touch with the i2e1 team:
  +91 8880 322 222

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